5 Best 24k Gold Face Masks Reviews and Benefits

If you have ever been to an expensive salon, you may have heard beauticians boasting about their unique gold facials and gold skin treatments that can address your skin issues. Such facials in the salons can be a bit heavy on your pockets and moreover, who has got the time for them when you can easily get the same results by using top gold face masks available in the market readily.

Gold infused skin care products have proven to be effective for battling early signs of aging, pigmentation and also for skin dryness. Furthermore, This metal naturally contains antibacterial properties that help to reduce acne and skin inflammations. Using the best gold face mask is surely a great way to treat your skin in a luxurious way.

This research is done by Maryam Borumand and Sara Sibilla shows the effectiveness of gold collagens on the skin.

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Benefits Of Gold For Skin:

  • The ions in gold activate the nerves and veins in your skin, which further improves the blood circulation towards your skin and makes your skin appear healthy.
  • It inhibits the breakdown of elastin in the skin, ensuring that your skin stays taut!
  • Gold slows down the collagen depletion process and makes your skin stay firm.
  • It can treat acne and inflammations on your skin with the antibacterial properties present in it naturally. This secret comes from an age-old Egyptian belief about gold for the skin.
  • It gives you a radiant complexion and a 24k glow by increasing metabolism in the skin!
  • It reduces hyperpigmentation by controlling melanin production in your skin.

In this post, we are charting out some of the best gold face masks that you can buy and pamper your skin with – luxuriously! Save your time and money with these real 24k gold enriched face masks.

Best Gold Face Masks

1. Oribe Gold Envy Luminous Face Mask

gold face mask


All that glitters go into this gold-infused moisturizing and brightening mask – that’s what the luxe brand Oribe says about their luminous face mask.

This peptides and 24k gold containing face mask impart a glowy, fresh and luminous look to your skin while the skin hydrating and moisturizing ingredients in it maintain the health and youthfulness of your skin.

As per their clinical study, they found 100% people showed a reduction in wrinkles & fine lines. 100% of people experience a brighter skin tone.

Special features of this face mask :

Besides gold, The mask is loaded with several exotic and luxe ingredients like Peptides, Edelweiss Flower, Evening Primrose, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate and other such goodness.

Special features of this face mask :

Besides gold, The mask is loaded with several exotic and luxe ingredients like Peptides, Edelweiss Flower, Evening Primrose, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caviar Lime and other such goodness.

Edelweiss Flower: UV rays Protection, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory.
Evening Primrose: Contains Omega-6 fatty acids helps in healthy skin.
Sweet Almond Oil: Contains Tocopherol helps in treating acne, whiteheads & blackheads.
Sodium Hyaluronate: It helps to maintain skin elasticity.
Caviar Lime:  Contains Vitamin C helps to tighten skin & collagen production.
Make others envy your skin with this face mask!

2. OROGOLD Cosmetics 24K Deep Peeling Facial Exfoliator


The adorable round packaging of this OROGOLD facial exfoliator is surely quite eye-catching. But do you know what is the best part of this product? It is a two-in-one peeling face mask and an exfoliator! It not only gives you the benefits of a typical face mask, but it also helps to deeply exfoliate your skin and get rid of the dry, flaky skin cells layer as well as the dirt, grime, and oil present deep within your facial pores.

Special features of this face mask :

You get the best of both worlds with this OROGOLD Cosmetics Peeling Facial Exfoliator infused with 24k gold extracts! The additional ingredients in this face mask, which are Vitamin A, Retinol Palmitate, Vitamins C and Vitamin E, keep the premature signs of aging on your skin at bay.

The product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin type. For the exfoliation part, It contains non-abrasive grains that gently exfoliate the skin without irritating it and reveal a healthy complexion.

3. Masqueology Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask


If you are an Instagram-addict, you may have seen the videos of people using golden sheet masks on their faces that are going viral on the ‘gram. It is time that you try them out too because your skin truly deserves to be pampered with them!

The Masqueology Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask is a sheet mask which is infused with gold extracts. Being a hydrogel mask, it can penetrate all the ingredients present in it deep into the skin.

Special features of this face mask :

Get-glowing with this hydrogel gold face mask in the form of a sheet! This convenient, affordable yet luxurious sheet mask gives your skin optimum moisturization and hydration with its key ingredients – Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, and Adenosine.

The last two key ingredients may sound alien-like, so let us explain them to you in simple terms. Niacinamide is simply known as Vitamin B3, a mineral that effectively repairs and restores healthy skin cells.

On the other hand, Adenosine is considered a skin energizing compound that also fights off wrinkles. According to leading beauty portal Paula’s Choice, these two are effective skin restoring ingredients that can give your skin an even appearance.

We would highly recommend this face mask because of its convenience and its skin benefits!

A quick tip for using this hydrogel gold sheet mask: once you have removed the mask, do not wash off the excess serum left on your skin. Instead, just pat it into your skin nicely and let it get absorbed.

4. ME Beauty Revitalizing Eye Treatment Mask


Pulling all-nighters frequently, not drinking enough water and not wearing sunglasses when you are out and about during the day – these are some of the common lifestyle habits that can take a toll on the sensitive skin around your eyes!

Revitalize and rejuvenates your under eyes with these tiny eye-patch masks that contain gold extracts! They work just like the typical sheet masks that go over your face.

Special features of this mask :

Loaded with 24k gold extracts, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, the eye patches can soothe, de-puff and hydrate the skin around your eyes Its pure collagen formula reduces skin fatigue around the eyes and brightens up the whole area. If you have stubborn dark circles, you can diminish their appearance with the continuous use of ME Beauty Revitalizing Eye Treatment Mask!

It makes a great anti-aging product for those who want to diminish their premature signs of aging. The hyaluronic acid content in this eye mask can significantly get rid of fine lines and crow’s feet around your eye area.


Wondering if it really works? Then you should know about this study done by researchers at Matrix Medical Communications for 8 weeks that found out major improvements in the participants’ skin after continuous usage of hyaluronic acid.

5. Elixir Cosmetics Gold Korean Face Mask


This three-layered gold-infused face mask that literally looks like a real gold sheet surely would not disappoint you! The first layer of this Elixir Cosmetics Korean face mask is the “golden layer” which brightens up and evens out the skin complexion. The second layer, which is the “hydration layer” contains collagen that makes the skin firm and makes its texture smooth. Lastly, the third “cleaning layer” lightly exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells.

Special features of this face mask :

Its unique and interesting three-layered sheet with multiple skin benefits has to be its most special feature! Furthermore, this mask also claims to minimize the appearance of large pores, purify the skin and get rid of acne as well as blackheads. Overall, this mask can prove to be an all-in-one solution for your skin!

In addition to 24k gold extracts, this face mask also has Soybean Essence which can add an extra dose of hydration to your skin!

CoQ10 helps in blood circulation which further removes under eye dark circles & uneven skin tones.

Other Ingredients includes: Raspberry Ketone, Ethylhexylglycerin, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone), Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Carbomer 940, Benzyl Glycol, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Panthenol, Soybean (Glycine Soja) Seed Extract, Arginine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Adenosine, Colloidal Gold

Gold Face Masks Buyer Guide:

With so many gold face masks available in the market, it is hard to not get confused about which one would be the ideal option for your skin. Here is your buyer guide that will help you to buy the best gold face mask for you!

Keep your skin type and skin concerns in mind

When you are picking a gold face mask for yourself, make sure that it suits your skin type well and addresses the skin concerns that you may be having. Usually, sheet masks work the best for those with dry and sensitive skin as they contain hydrating ingredients. Those with oily and combination skin types can try out a skin detoxifying gold face masks that can help to keep the skin oil free and control the amount of sebum production on the skin.

Inspect the ingredients list well

This is an unsaid rule of buying skin care products! No matter what kind of skincare product you may be buying, you should always go through its ingredients list before you make your purchase – especially if you are allergic to certain ingredients found in the products. While choosing a gold face mask, make sure that you pick one that has 23k or 24k gold extracts – nothing below that.

You can find one within your budget

Throughout this post, we have mentioned how gold is such a luxurious ingredient for skin. And well, luxurious things come with an exorbitant price tag! The good news is, you can find a gold face mask online that fits your budget! For all the budget savvy people out there, gold extracts containing sheet masks are the most affordable option. We have shared some of the really great affordable options on our list above.

Still confused? Go the DIY way!

If you are still confused which ready to use gold face mask is the best one for you; just get yourself a 24k real gold leaf sheet and make a DIY gold face mask at home! You can use the leaf sheet with any oil serum on your face. Both, gold leaf and oil-based serums are easily available online on Amazon.

Before putting the gold leaf sheet on your face, apply a nice layer of oil serum liberally on your skin. Then, just stick the gold leaf sheet directly on your skin, it will stay put due to the oil on your skin. Let your skin absorb its goodness for 20-25 minutes and after that, use a warm washcloth to gently get rid of it from your skin. You will be left with a radiant and healthy looking skin!

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