DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask – The Secret of a Flawless Skin

If we were to pick just one ingredient from the mother nature that possesses the powers to tackle all kinds of skin issues out there, then undoubtedly, it would be none other than aloe vera gel! Believe us...

6 DIY Organic Charcoal Face Masks For Instant Glow + Video

Applying charcoal on your skin as a face mask might not sound glamorous, but the results that this stark black ingredient will bring you are crazily-good! This natural skin detoxifying ingredient has been the...

10 DIY Tomato Face Masks With Benefits [2.5 Min Recipes]

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? All we know is, it is a highly beneficial ingredient for your skin, Period. How would you feel if I will tell you about 10 cool tomato face masks that can cure acne, reduce...

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